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Working on your career is the most important thing, and education plays a very important role in shaping your career. College/University are the where we go get it and books are the sours of knowledge but sometime you might have though twice of buying books because of its cost. If you are a student of liberty university (LUOA) you must have been buying books either online or searching in the Jerry Falwell Library (JFL).

Since most of the course of LOUA is online is difficult to interact with others. As a student of LOUA if you have been paying a lot of money on books, then you have landed to the correct place to find books for cheap other than liberty university bookstores and JFL. So let’s get started!

1. First Try to Find Books in Jerry Falwell library (JFL) database

Although, this article is about the alternatives, but first we will suggest you to find in the Jerry Falwell library (JFL) database because JFL is rich and has the largest collection of books. To find a books go to JFL website or search for JFL library, then login using portal and look up in the database. Now you know the books is available, now look for Jerry Falwell library  hours and if JFL is open. walk in during the operation hours get the book. Also, look liberty university bookstore and search it online.


2. Find Your Juniors or Seniors

Our second recommendation to you in searching of books is to connect to your seniors who has taken the course from LUOA, the chances are high that you will to get the latest version of books by paying less price. In case if you area senior and want to sell your books try to connect to your juniors and get a good return price of your books.


3. Clusterbooks an Alternative to Jerry Falwell library

If you had a hard time finding books in Jerry Falwell library then our third recommendation is to leverage the books marketplace –

If you are looking for specific books, search on the platform about the books, you can search by title, isbn, author name and location also. Use the contact seller (Free Live Chat) option to connect to the seller and if you happen to be in the same location, negotiate price and get the books directly from seller in person.

If you have books and would like to sell it, simply create an account and upload the book information like title, author name, isbn, your location and provide a description about the book, its condition etc and let buyer connects you.

I have also covered a few more way to buy and sell books.

Disclaimer: Do your own diligence before buying or selling anything. The information provided is for knowledge only. We will not be responsible for any of your damages in any ways.

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