The Best Tips & Tricks for- Where to Sell Books Near Me

Chai Knowledge

Do you have books that you have paid a lot of money for that? and now you are done reading them and are just kept it in you shelf and you don’t know how much they worth it and how to sell it? if your answers is Yes then follow along with me and I’ll help you to sell your used books like a pro and get maximum money for it.

Step 1 – Check the market value of new book

Whatever books you have, I want you to google the name or ISBN number of that book and check what is the price for the new book. You can go to any website like amazon and there are a lot of them. For example – a new nursing book is costing $100.

Step 2 – Check the value of used book

As of now you know what is the cost of new book, now go the website like booksrun, amazon, ebay etc and see how much you are getting for your book. Most likely it will not be much but that will give you an estimate. You might get a value between $20-$30(I did a basic search and mostly they will pay you somewhere in between 5-30% of actual cost).

Now, we know the actual worth of our books, but our aim is to sell books more than the price we are getting online.

Here are some pro tips and tricks to sell your used books.

Top 8 Best Ways to Sell Used Books For Cash Near Me.

1. Facebook

You must have tried the market place to buy and sell your stuff, in the same fashion you can simply list your books on the market place and let the buyer connects you. You can also join the groups for buying and selling books, there are a huge number of groups out there.


2. Craigslist

It has been in the era for a while a still a lot of people use it for selling almost everything, you can simply create an account there and upload the your books information. You can list the books based on your location and the people near you can contact you directly and meeting in person.


3. Book Clubs

There are a generous number of book reading clubs in towns and cities, where people read and share their thought about the books. You can directly contact to the club members or if you are already a part of it you can simply tell them you have books and willing to sell it if anyone is interested.

Book Clubs

4. Library

This is the only place where you will find books, books and books. There are libraries almost everywhere, you can simply ask them if they have demand of the books if what you have. Not all but some libraries will be able to offer you something.


5. Sell to Juniors

If you are in school, college, university etc you must have juniors who are going to study the same course of what you did and possibly the same book from same professor. This is the fastest and the easiest way to sell you books in cash.

Sell to Juniors

6. clusterbooks a New Way to Buy/Sell Used Books

This is a market place for the books where you can sell your used books, Simply upload the books details the way you do it on Facebook. It offers to search book by location also if you happen you get the person within your location you can simply sell it. Their live chat option helps you to connect with the buyer for any questions. The benefit of clusterbooks is that you don’t need to let people know what books you are selling instead they will take care of marketing your books and helps to connect buyers to sell find it on google and sell it. Don’t worry listing books is totally free.

7. Meetup Groups

Meet up groups has been a great deal for meeting people and arranging the get together for discussion, sharing knowledge in any field, if you happen to be a part of any group that involver any activity related to ready you can offer your your books there.

Meet up Groups

8. Garage Sale

You must have heard about garage sell, where people sell almost everything. If you have a large book of collection you offer a garage sale and let people know by posting messages in the Facebook groups, meetup groups or if you do not have a lot of books or things to sell you can contact a person who is offering garage sell and ask them if they are willing to put your books in their sell.

Garage Sale
  • Tips – Always try to keep the book price between 30-45%, this will help you get it sell quickly with good price cash.

Disclaimer: Do your own diligence before buying or selling anything. The information provided is for knowledge only. We will not be responsible for any of your damages in any ways.